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1 Mass Intentions Sacraments MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 8:30 am George F. Hundt, Sr., Don Stiner, Tekla Pietrowski, Joseph B. Noonan 12:00 pm Michael Dachisen, Diana Cavezza TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 8:30 am The Macri & Storino Families, Ken Wathen 12:00 pm Margaret Guensch, Sam Ardolino WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 8:30 am Toni Chiarolanzio, John Hundt, Karen Lo Sapio 12:00 pm Madeline Maccario, The Eleanora & Henry Zuchawski Family, The Philomena & Joseph Verbaro Family THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 8:30 am Kevin Lanigan, Robert MacFarlane, The Trezza Family 12:00 pm Gertrude Del Giudice, Thomas Kelly, Bridget & George Caffrey FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 8:30 am Maria & Amelia Bufano, John Udovich, Robert Himes, Jr. 12:00 pm Sean Forrest SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 8:30 am George Pickel, Michael Dachisen 5:00 pm John & Maria Dalena, Joseph Farrell, The Ardolino & Mara Families, Pat Palma, Kathleen Hannan 7:00 pm For the people of the parish SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 7:15 am Nina Iamartino, Phyllis Giannone, Louis Ammirato 9:00 am Ralph Sandello, Joseph Pugliese, Nicole Willett, Ruth Lockwood, Cyril Caffney 10:30 am Eva Dangler, Kevin Lanigan, Helen Cooper, Daniel Davies, Rosalie Davis 12:00 pm Kay & Frank Leary, Cody Jai Moon, Mary A. Scioscia, Guiseppe Pugliese, Orsola Viglione The Altar Bread & Wine For the Week of September 30 - October 6, 2018 In Thanksgiving Carlos Bledt Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. (Matthew 28: 19-20) Alexa Rose Falcone who was baptized on September 8, 2018 Juliana Mary Helen Loayza, Jack Kellen Mascola, Dani Mae O'Brien who were baptized September 9, 2018 For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate. (Matthew 19:5-6) Thomas Neff and Jenna Stagliano, Justin Glushakow and Regina Allocco who were married September 8, 2018 Maggie Corley, Renee Reilly, Bill Buckley, Jack Farina, Jacob Shaw, Tommy Fitzpatrick, Geraldine Cucciniello, Stephen De Lara PRAY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE GONE HOME TO THE LORD: Mary Dwyer, Joseph Luciano Lord for your faithful people life is changed not ended. When the body of our earthly dwelling lies in death we gain an everlasting dwelling place in heaven. FINANCIAL BLESSINGS The weekend collection for Saturday/Sunday, September 15/16 amounted to $25, Your generosity to our Church is gratefully appreciated. CHILDREN'S COLLECTION Our children s collection for Good Counsel Homes for the weekend of September 15/16 amounted to $ Thank you girls and boys for helping!

2 Twenty- Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time September 23, 2018 Under the Big Tent In the world of entertainment, the main event always takes place under the big tent. There is no doubt that the main event at Saint Vincent Martyr on Saturday, September 15, was our parish picnic. Like any big production the preparations began weeks before and were organized by our top notch producers - Kathy & Neil Simonelli and Barbara Doyle. The night before the grand event some of our office staff took on a different role from their day job, put on an apron and prepped for the next day - Pat Caccavale, Jody and Jim Costello, Joanne Novack and Sr. Ann were among their number. Meanwhile, our road crew - Randal Matthis, Tom Kenny and Michael Pascuite were at work in the Ministry Center parking lot getting the stage ready for the curtain to rise on Saturday morning. And then it was show time! The opening act was beautifully and powerfully orchestrated by our Knights of Columbus who were joined by a chorus of cooks who danced around their grills and sterno trays bringing the house down with their show stopping, star quality, super delicious food! The audience gathered under the big tent to eat and to talk, taking a moment here or there to listen to the musical portion of our really big show! They were welcomed by our name tag crew who helped make sure that everybody knew each other's name. And the children had a show of their own as they filled the playground with their happy feet and happy voices. Of course the backdrop for the production was our banner of Oscar Doyle, the founding father of the parish picnic who was smiling down on us from his balcony seat in heaven. All in all it was a spectacular event that continues to receive rave reviews. Thanks to the cast and crew and all who made it a really big show - the biggest ever! If you weren't able to attend, don't worry - the picnic will roll into town again next year - tent and all! Again thanks to all our workers! St. Vincent Martyr 26 GREEN VILLAGE ROAD MADISON, NEW JERSEY PHONE: FAX: Parish Staff Rev. Msgr. George F. Hundt, Pastor Sr. Noreen Holly, School Principal ext. 101 ext. 201 Rev. Darwin Lastra, Senior Parochial Vicar Ms. Anne Marie Gisoldi, Vice Princ./Dir. of Youth Ministry ext. 102 ext. 300 Rev. Przemyslaw Gawlik, Parochial Vicar Mrs. Barbara Armenti, Director of Music Ministry ext. 257 ext. 262 Deacon Robert Morton Mrs. Linda Loria, Church Organist ext. 262 Mrs. Jan Figenshu, Pastoral Minister Mrs. Kathy Simonelli, Parish Business Administrator ext. 253 ext. 105 Mrs. Denise Stefanelli, Director of Christian Formation Ms. Maribeth Kenworthy, Parish Secretary ext. 251 ext. 106 Trustees: Mrs. Barbara Doyle and Mr. Joseph Verbaro

3 Stewardship Corner Our Parish Veterans Ministry wrapped up an active spring and summer schedule: An excellent Memorial Day program was held for veterans (both VA Hospital nursing home residents, as well as veterans in the Madison/SVM community more broadly). This day included a flag raising, short music program by SVMS lower grades, a coffee and mingle with SVMS junior high students, and a program on Veteran Grave sites. It was attended by 20 veterans and was warmly received. Thanks to the SVMS faculty, students, Hui Boon Wan, and Tom Crimmins for organizing! The ministry also hosted two on-campus music socials at the VA facility in Lyons on June 27 & July 31. These two programs were arranged and staffed by 10 SVM volunteers who served refreshments and helped out with keeping our Vets from the nursing home and mental health facility engaged and comfortable. Thanks to all who are continuing to show stewardship in this ministry! For any questions or follow up on the SVM Veterans ministry contact Bill Heskett at LOOKING FOR PEACE? NEEDING HOPE? SEEKING A PATH TO CHRIST? WANTING TO CONNECT? ST. VINCENT MARTYR RCIA IS HERE FOR YOU! Contact Jan Figenshu at , ext 253 or to discuss the RCIA process and how it can help to answer your questions and find your path through the Catholic Faith. 4 WEEKLY INQUIRY SESSIONS BEGIN IN OCTOBER! Come and See..... FALL BIBLE STUDY WILL BEGIN IN OCTOBER. Our course this season will explore Jesus ministry in Jerusalem. This sixweek course will help you to experience some of the Jerusalem teachings, miracles and passion events in a more meaningful way. Please join one of our 3 classes: Sundays at 6:00 PM; Tuesdays at 7:15 pm and Wednesdays at 9:15 am. Classes begin the week of October 1. To register, contact Jan at or ext Hope to journey with you.

4 2018 BISHOP'S ANNUAL APPEAL Here I Am, Lord! While there are many ways to give to the Bishop's Annual Appeal, there is a particularly beneficial opportunity if you are 70 1/2 or over and have an IRA. If you are in this category, the IRS requires you to take a required minimum distribution from your IRA each year. As a result, this distribution is added to your taxable income and increases the amount of taxes owed to the government. However, instead of taking your required minimum distribution, you can instruct your IRA investment manager to donate this distribution to a charity such as the Bishop's Annual Appeal and this automatically omits this amount from your adjusted gross income. This tax benefit can be realized by all qualifying individuals, whether you take the standard deduction or itemize your deductions. This can be a significant benefit to you and a great way to support the work of the Bishop's Annual Appeal. If you are considering making a charitable donation using your IRA required minimum distribution, please be sure to first discuss this with your financial or tax advisor to make sure it is right for you. Prayer OUR LADY OF FATIMA PILGRIM STATUE You are invited to pray before an official Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima which comes from the Shrine in Portugal. She will be visiting Corpus Christi Parish, Chatham from October There will be daily Mass, rosary and opportunity for silent prayer and reflection. The highlight will be a Mass to be celebrated by the Most Rev. Arthur Serratelli, DD on October 13 at 5:00 p.m. Please see or contact Fr. Lem Camacho at for more details. ROSARY ALTAR SOCIETY The Rosary is prayed every morning Monday - Saturday at 8:00 a.m. followed by Mass at 8:30 a.m. Let us continue this devotion to our Blessed Mother. PURCHASE MASS CARDS THROUGH OUR WEBSITE It is a time-honored Catholic tradition to offer masses for the repose of the soul for someone who has died or for the intentions of a person and to provide Mass Cards to comfort relatives, friends, and loved ones. If you would like a Mass intention, you can now purchase a Mass Card through our website at This weekend, September rd, we celebrate our first Name tag Sunday. This is a great way for you to put a name with the face here at SVM! Ever see a familiar face and just can t remember their name? It happens to all of us. Thank you for coming early and wearing YOUR nametag! St. Vincent Martyr, a welcoming, diverse Catholic community in Madison, shares the love of Jesus Christ through prayer, ministry, education, and service. This vision of who we are as Church has served us well since it was formulated in The Pastoral Council is now asking you to help us to expand our vision and embrace our path for the future. Father George shared details recently about how we as a parish can Expand Our Vision. In order for us to move forward in our mission to share the love of Jesus Christ, we would like your ideas and feedback. Please take our parish survey, sponsored by your Pastoral Council. It is easy to access on our parish website, or at Survey Monkey If you are not comfortable taking the survey on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer, feel free to pick up a paper copy at the doors of the Church or in the Parish Office. Survey Deadline is October 1, Thank you in advance for investing your time for the betterment of our parish. In honor of the Feast of St. Francis Assisi, we will gather on Thursday, October 4 th on the Green Village Road Patio of the Church at 5:00 PM to bless our animals. Blessing these pets give witness to the love and care we show for God s creation. Blessings are available in English, Spanish and Polish.

5 Education Service YOUTH NEWS 1.) Interested in being on the Alpha Retreat teams this year - please come to a planning meeting this Sunday evening at 7:00 p.m. in the Youth Center. 2.) Confirmation practice for sponsors and teens with last names beginning with the letters A through K on Monday, September 24 and on Wednesday, September 26 with last names beginning with the letters L through Z at 7:00 p.m. in the church. Confirmation celebrations are on September 25 and 27th in the church at 7:30 p.m. Teens and sponsors are to arrive by 7:00 p.m. 3.) Fantioch team meeting on Wednesday, September 26 from 7:00-9:30 p.m. in the Youth Center. 4.) Youth gathering for 9th and 10th graders are on Sunday, September 30 beginning in the church with liturgy at 6:30 p.m. Parent/teen reflections to follow. 4.) Still need to register for Youth Ministry - go to the parish website at click on Youth Ministry and you will find the registration form, calendar and welcoming letter for each grade level. Mark your calendars CHRISTIAN FORMATION Last weekend we celebrated Catechetical Sunday at the 9:00 am and 10:30 am Masses. Thank you to our families for praying with and for us. A big word of gratitude to the catechists who have volunteered to work with our children in religious education and we were honored to have them be prayed upon. Please see below for the first session date of each group. Faith Family Sunday, 6th grade and 8th grade: October 14 Hope, and 7th grade: October 21 Monday program: September 23 for the PK/K and September 30 for grades 1-5-That calendar will be available through the CGS catechists. Please reference the ed master calendar for the full list of dates/times and meeting places. SVM SEMINARIAN OUTREACH It's almost time for our annual Seminarian Outreach with 'goodie bags' prepared for our Seminarians at Immaculate Conception Seminary and Bartimeaus House. Bags will be distributed at the end of each Mass during the weekends of October 7 and 14 with lists of suggested items to purchase. All bags are due back to the SVM vestibule no later than Sunday, October 21 at Noon. Thank you for your generosity. Whether you contribute a bag or not - prayers are the most important thing you can give to our Seminarians!! SILVER AND GOLD ANNIVERSARY MASS The Silver and Gold Anniversary Mass will be held on Sunday, November 4 at 4:00 p.m. at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Paterson. If you were married in 1968 or 1993 you are warmly invited to celebrate your 25th or 50th wedding anniversary with the Church of Paterson. Bishop Serratelli will be the main celebrant. Arrangements may be made by contacting the Parish Office before October 15. MASS BOOK FOR 2019 On Tuesday, October 2, the Mass Intention Book for 2019 will open. Between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 Noon parishioners may come in and make arrangements for Mass Intentions. The book will be located in the vestibule of the Ministry Center. Forms will be available in the church and the Parish Office. Due to the large amount of Mass intention requests we receive, we must insist that there be only one sheet per person and limiting the intentions to the space on the sheet. You must bring the sheet yourself, please do not give it to someone else to bring. If you cannot bring it, please mail it in and they will be processed the following day. Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation.

6 HALOS FOR ANGELS Halos for Angels is a local charity that helps community families in need due to sudden tragedy. A representative from Halos will be speaking at all Masses next weekend, September 29/30. To help support our efforts, Halos will be selling handmade Halo Note Cards, pack of 5 each along with 5 envelopes for a $5.00 donation. Please help them, help us all during our sudden time of need. BOTTLE HILL DAY Bottle Hill Day is October 6 a wonderful time for St. Vincent Martyr Church to show our Catholic Presence in Madison. We are in need of some volunteers to help with the St. Vincent's booth. If you can help, please and I will share with you the available times. CAN YOU REALLY RECOVER FROM A PERSONAL LOSS? Most of us deal with grieving experiences on a regular basis and never realize it! While most people associate grief with death, it s something that reaches far beyond that narrow focus. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to every change we experience in life. Many of those changes are so small that, while we have feelings attached to those events, we do not label them as grief. Whether the loss is due to the death of a spouse, a parent or friend or perhaps because of the breakup of a relationship through divorce, or even the loss of our youth, it s possible that your loss gave way to intense feelings of sadness and affected your life in immeasurable ways. If you have found grief to be overwhelming for you, it s not because there is anything wrong with you. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to change in your life. Likewise, if you have felt lost in how to deal with that emotional pain, it s simply because you never had the proper tools to deal with it effectively. The Grief Recovery Method can offer you that direction and the opportunity to look forward to another day, rather than fearing what it might bring. Grief can be scary, but it does not need to destroy your ability to feel joy again, unless you allow that to be the case! Please join me to find out how joy can be part of your life again. The program is free but you need to register. The introductory session will be held: When: Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Where: Madison Public Library (Rushmore Room) 39 Keep St., Madison R.S.V.P. by: September 22, 2018 Betty Dangler, Grief Recovery Specialist, KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS We would like to invite all Catholic men over the age of 18 to come and learn more about the Knights of Columbus. The Dr. McDowell Council serves both St. Vincent and Holy Family parishes, and our mission is to serve our Priests, Churches and her members, as well as the communities that we live in. Most recently the Knights helped with the annual Parish Picnic at St. Vincent Martyr. Currently, the Council has more than 75 active members between both parishes. There will be a 45 minute informational session on Monday, September 24 at 7:00 p.m. in the Parish Center - Art Room - Lower Level. If you can attend or have questions, feel free to contact Matt Donnelly at or Jim Costello at Hunger Walk Oct. 14 at 1:00 p.m. 5K Pledge Walk to Support the Community Soup Kitchen & Outreach Center Grab your sneakers! Bring your friends and family! Join 1,000 fellow walkers in supporting the Community Soup Kitchen & Outreach Center at the 22nd Annual Hunger Walk. Participants help raise funds for the Community Soup Kitchen through the fun 5K pledge walk, while also learning about hunger in our community. Story cards distributed during the walk track our guests experiences, bringing their struggles and challenges to life. Recently, the Community Soup Kitchen has seen a dramatic increase in the number of families it serves, as well as an uptick in guests who are considered the working poor. You can register to walk or you can sponsor a walker right on our website - Please join us for this fun event and support the Community Soup Kitchen s Hunger Walk Help us keep our doors open 365 days a year to serve our neighbors in need. Thank you!

7 SAINT VINCENT MARTYR CLASS OF th Class Reunion Organizers, Pam Allocco Palma, Norie De Biasse and Diane Papa Primavera are looking for fellow classmates to discuss ideas for a 50th reunion. Anyone interested in attending an informal meeting at Diane's home on Friday, October 12 at 7:30 p.m. please contact Diane at or or Norie at or In the Community Covenant House Fall Benefit on Saturday, September 29 from 7:00-11:00 p.m. at the Noe Pond Club. Tickets are $85.00 and can be purchased at Each year Covenant House, New Jersey serves 2,000 homeless, runaway and at-risk youth between the ages of by first fulfilling their immediate needs and then by giving them the support they need to become self-sufficient and independent. Madison Health Department, The Health Department is offering free flu shot clinics on Wednesday, October 17 and 24 from 9:00-11:00 at the Madison Civic Center and Wednesday, October 24 from 1:30-3:00 p.m. at the Chatham Township Senior Center. You may reach the Health Department at with any questions. Thursday Morning Club, Wise Wonderful Women's lecture on October 18 at 11:30 a.m. at the Madison Community House. The lecture will be given by Helen Haymaker on "Scott Joplin: A Lecture/Demonstration of his Life and Works." Tickets may be purchased for $35.00 through the website Lunch will be served prior to the presentation. For questions, please call Madison Rotary Shredding Event & Habitat for Humanity Re-Store Collection, on Saturday, October 20 from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 Noon in the public parking lot (corner Kings & Prospect). Cost is $5.00 per grocery bag or file box. Bring your sensitive documents for secure destruction. The Re-Store truck will also be on hand collecting gently used household goods, furniture and building supples. Madison YMCA Charity Bocce Invitational "Tournament to Wellness" has begun and will continue through the middle of October. Hosted by the Forum Club the event will raise funds for the Madison Area YMCA's Paths to Wellness program, a 12 week no-fee wellness program for cancer survivors, diabetes, community mental health initiative, healthy hearts and more. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Bocce Event Manager, Melissa DeSalvo or call Spectators are welcome, four matches are played each Monday - Thursday starting at 6:30 p.m. for 45 minutes per match. The court is situated in the main parking lot at the far end of the YMCA. Madison Volunteer Ambulance Corp, will hold its annual bus trip to Atlantic City on November 8 to the Golden Nugget. Cost is $35.00 (with an additional food voucher). All checks are to be mailed to: Rosemary Ward, 14 Buckingham Dr., Madison, NJ Please put your phone number on the face of the check. Bus to depart from the North Star Club, North St., at 8:30 a.m. sharp. Philanthropera- a musical celebration of philanthropy by the Baroque Orchestra of NJ at Grace Episcopal Church on Saturday, September 29 from 7:00-9:30 p.m., reception to follow concert. All ticket proceeds benefit Madison Area YMCA's Annual Fund. Tickets are $ and may be purchased online at Your confirmation will serve as your ticket. A portion of your contribution is tax deductible. A Family Perspective Disagreements are common in families. But what would you say if Jesus posted the same question "What are you arguing about?" Is it silly and petty? Is it an attempt to impose your will and control one another? Today Jesus tells us and his disciples to give it up. We are meant to serve each other, not control. ONLINE GIVING OPTIONS FOR WEEKLY AND ONE TIME GIFTS I'd like to invite you to join Faith Direct, our parish's electronic giving program. Our to-do lists can get lengthy during this season, but Faith Direct's Giving program will give you one less thing to remember each week -- no more envelopes to find before you go to Mass. Visit and use our church code: NJ740. Thank you for your continued support of our parish family!

8 San Vicente Mártir Rev. Msgr. George F. Hundt, Párroco x 101 Rev. Darwin Lastra, Vicario x102 Rev. Darwin Lastra, Vicario x102 Rev. Przemek Gawlik Vicario x 257 Deacon Robert Morton, Diácono permanente Mrs. Jan Figenshu, Asociada Pastoral x 253 Mrs. Denise Stefanelli, Dir. Ed. Religiosa x 251 Ms. Anne Marie Gisoldi, Dir. Jóvenes x 300 Mrs. Kathy Simonelli, Administradora x105 Ms. Maribeth Kenworthy, Secretaria x106 La colecta del Pasado 15 de Septiembre fue de 412 dólares. Dios multiplique su generosidad. Septiembre 22, 2018 Experiencia Hispana Lecturas para esta semana- Domingo 23-Sábado 28 de Septiembre Domingo: Sabiduría 2, Sal 53, 3-8 Santiago 3, 16-4, 3 Marcos 9, Lunes: Proverbios 3, Sal 14, 2-5 Lucas 8, Martes: Proverbios 21, Sal 118, 1-18 Lucas 8, Miércoles: Proverbios 30, 5-9 Sal 118, Lucas 9, 1-6 Jueves: San Vicente de Paul Eclesiastés 1, 2-11 Sal 89, 3-12 Lucas 9, 7-9 Viernes: Eclesiastés 3, 1-11 Sal 143, 1-4 Lucas 9, Sábado: Fiestas de los Arcángeles Miguel, Rafael, Gabriel Daniel 7, Salmo 137, 1-5 Juan 1, El Centurión: La Fe Esta semana comenzaremos a reflexionar el capítulo 11 del libro De la Cruz a la Tumba Vacía, de nuestro obispo Serratelli, traducido a nuestra lengua. A medida que Marcos relata los detalles de la Crucifixión, se inspira fuertemente en el Antiguo Testamento. Jesús es crucificado entre dos criminales (ver Isaías 53, 12). Aquellos que lo ven a Él se deslizan y se burlan de Él (ver Salmo 22, 7-8, 69, 8, Lamentaciones 2, 15). Los soldados dividen sus vestiduras echando suertes (ver Salmo 22, 19). Le ofrecen vino para beber (ver Salmo 69, 22; Proverbios 31, 6-7). Jesús expresa su completo sentido de abandono repitiendo las primeras palabras del Salmo 22. Estas alusiones del Antiguo Testamento hablan del hombre justo que sufre. Sirven para interpretar el evento histórico de la Crucifixión. Jesús es el Justo, el Inocente, quien sufre y es vindicado en su muerte. La cruz es parte del plan de Dios. Marcos terminará su relato de la Crucifixión con la confesión del centurión de esta verdad. El centurión que se para en el Calvario ve en el Cristo moribundo algo que nunca antes había visto. Los romanos regularmente crucificaban a los enemigos del estado: rebeldes, asesinos, revolucionarios y cautivos que son tomados en la guerra. Continuaremos la próxima semana con este capítulo. Feliz domingo. P. Darwin L.

9 Los Sacramentos Reconciliación (Confesiones): Todos los Sábados a las 4:00pm o haciendo una cita con uno de los sacerdotes, ya sea llamando a la oficina o hablando con ellos directamente o antes de la Misa en Español ext Unción de los Enfermos: Para las personas que están gravemente enfermas, hospitalizadas o preparándose para una cirugía, al igual que las personas de edad avanzada un asilo para la tercera edad. Para administrar este Sacramento; Favor de llamar a la oficina de la parroquia para que uno de los sac erdotes administre la Unción de los enfermos ext Cursillo Pre-Bautismal en español: Llamando a la oficina y planear una cita con el sacerdote, Ext. 102 PARA TENER EN CUENTA Talentos Dios nos ha dado a cada uno de nosotros muchos talentos. Por lo tanto, hay que ponerlos al servicio, si usted es bueno en lectura puede unirse al grupo de lectores de nuestra parroquia; tendríamos una práctica; si está interesado por favor llamar al Padre Darwin al ext. 102 o ver antes o después de la Eucaristía. BOTTLE HILL DAY Bottle Hill Day es el 6 de octubre, un momento excelente para que la Iglesia de San Vicente Mártir muestre su presencia católica en Madison. Necesitamos voluntarios para ayudar con el stand de San Vicente. Si puede ayudar, envíe un correo electrónico a quien le enseñará los horarios disponibles. OPCIONE DE DONACIÓN EN LÍNEA, SEMANAL O EN UNA SOLA VEZ Inscribirse en Faith Direct hoy es una excelente manera de garantizar que sus limosnas a San Vicente Mártir se reciban incluso si está de viaje. Visite y use nuestro código de iglesia: NJ740. Gracias por su continuo apoyo a nuestra familia parroquial! Devoción Mariana Mayo y octubre son los meses dedicados a la Virgen María. El sábado 29 de septiembre comenzaremos nuestra Devoción Mariana con nuestra Virgen Peregrina, elegiremos a cuatro o cinco familias que deseen abrir sus casas para acoger a la Virgen durante una semana, rezar el Santo Rosario y vivir nuestra fe en comunidad. Los motivo para que nos unamos a esta gran devoción mariana y extiendan esta invitación a sus familiares y amigos para que también experimenten el amor maternal de la Virgen María y sus grandes bendiciones. Participa en familia! Padre Darwin FORMED, está por a llegar a SVM! FORMED es una aplicación del Instituto Agustino, que te dará las respuestas que necesitas, enriquecerá tu conocimiento y te ayudará a profundizar en tu fe católica. Nuestra parroquia de San Vicente Mártir te regalará el acceso a esta aplicación. Una vez que te suscribas con la clave de acceso que te de la parroquia, FORMED pondrá en tus manos miles de programas de estudio basados en video, películas, documentales, charlas de audio, audiolibros e incluso libros electrónicos a la carta. Deja que estos materiales te faciliten tu viaje espiritual a medida que tratas de entender, vivir y compartir tu fe católica más plenamente episodios de programas de estudio por video 35+ largometrajes y películas 45+ presentaciones en audio 25+ libros electrónicos Disponibles en inglés y español las 24 horas los 7 días de la semana Con nosotros partir del 3 de octubre! Bendición de los animales Cada año el 4 de Octubre en la fiesta de San Francisco de Asís, la Iglesia tiene como tradición la bendición de los animales como parte de la creación. Los invitamos para que traiga su mascota y reciba una bendición de parte de Dios. Octubre 4, a las 5 de la tarde en la entrada principal de la Iglesia (Green Village Road)