BHAG SMS VOICE OF THE VIKING. From the Desks of Gallaway, Hudson & Grams. Calendar of Events One Hour Late Arrival every Monday. Inside this issue:

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1 Inside this issue: Selah Middle School Calendar of Events One Hour Late Arrival every Monday 2/12 - NO SCHOOL 2/13-2/14 - All-State Music Conference 2/15 - NO SCHOOL - Presidents Day 2/24 - Community Selah High School Gym - 5:30 p.m. BHAG Viking Pride / PBIS 2 Recognitions - Music / English 3 Students of the Week 4 SMS Library 5 Selah Health Update 6 Selah Health Update / Spanish 7 SMS VOICE OF THE VIKING February 2016 Welcome to February. We have just started second semester and appreciate your flexibility with our report cards going out a week after the semester. If you have questions about the report card or comments please feel free to contact us. Family Access is a great tool to stay on top of your student s progress. If you do not have your username and/or password please call the main office as well so we can help you get set up. Another great way to stay connected with staff at SMS is to use . Students have done a great job utilizing Gmail and have even been given a refresher course on how to properly send an that includes a subject and proper closing. As a reminder students that have outstanding fees or fines at school will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities until they have taken care of their fee and/or fine. This includes events such as athletics, music contests, field trips, etc If you would like to know if your student has a fee or fine please call the main office at and we would be happy to assist you. We will also be sending a letter home in the near future for your reference. Congratulations to all our students who passed all classes first semester. We hosted a PRIDE party in the VPAC during GO Time for each grade level. Our PTSO helped put this function on and had prizes for students handed out through drawings. Students helped plan the event and wanted the thirty minutes to hang out with friends, play some games on their Chromebooks, and enjoy some time outside. Once again, congratulations to our students. Think spring as the days are getting longer. Make it a great Viking month. Viking Clap 2 3!! Take care, From the Desks of Gallaway, Hudson & Grams Marc Gallaway Paul Hudson Lee Grams Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Clubs / 6th Grade Assembly 8 The Hangout Flyer 9 SMS PTSO Wants YOU 10 Make it a great day by living life The Viking Way and showing VIKING PRIDE in everything we do!

2 PAGE 2 VOICE OF THE VIKING FEBRUARY 2016 Viking PRIDE SELAH MIDDLE SCHOOL D = Dependable PBIS Focus Being dependable in school, the community, and at home is something that we believe is extremely important for your students future success. Here at school we try to help students be dependable by taking responsibility for their learning and turning assignments in on time. We also try to show them how to be dependable by example. We try to do what we say we will as staff at Selah Middle School so the students will have a desire to do the same. We also want them to know that when we don t understand or learn something the first time, we keep trying till we learn it and show them that it is important to be dependable when it comes to effort. You can help us teach your students to be dependable at home by holding them accountable for work that they do at home and when they struggle to complete the work be positive and remind them to show PRIDE. They can learn dependability at home by sticking with something hard and doing what they say they will. D E P E N D A B L E

3 FEBRUARY 2016 VOICE OF THE VIKING PAGE 3 Please congratulate the following Selah Middle School students for their awesome performance at the WMEA Solo/ Ensemble Competition: The following students received excellent and good scores: Jaidyn Eller (flute) Jade Carrasco (Saxophone) Destini Bentley (flute) Jacob Fitzsimmons (Alto sax) The flute Duet (Ian & Elise Dibble) Saxophone trio (Tiegan Carter, Cormac Arenson & Jade Carrasco) Oboe & French Horn Duet (Sarah De-burger & Evie Willis Cobb) These students received Superior Scores: (This is the best score a student can receive) The Treble Makers (Emily Beatty, Kaden Geck, & Marcos Gonzales) Jocelyn Cruz (piano) Ian Dibble (flute) ALSO : A big congratulations to the following students who qualified for the WMEA State solo and ensemble competition in April. Bryan Neill, on bassoon, and Sara Harper on Baritone Sax. The following students were the alternates for State; Kassidy Buchanan, Tess Dietrich, and the Flute Choir including Elise Dibble, Madi Rath, Danielle Gutierrez, Danielle Couette, Maggie Ballew, Rachel Winterfeld, and Mahal Skinner. Mrs. Doria emphasizes what a big accomplishment this is especially with the amount of students who were involved and the amount who qualified for the State competition. The Selah Band would like to give a big thanks to all the support from the district as well as the band parents. Without this support, the students would not have the materials needed to excel in the music program. SMS seventh grade Honors English students participated in a national short essay contest (300 words or less) hosted by Creative Communication in Logan, UT in October. In the 7 th 9 th grade division, we had eighteen students accepted for publishing and advancing to the western USA semi-final round. Tessa Franco then was then declared in the top ten in the nation - the only seventh grader in the country to receive the honor. She will receive a free national anthology, a full page in it honoring her achievement and $25. Her entry is below : Tessa Fresco Grade 7 Selah Middle School, WA Vacation Mindset Imagine yourself lying down on the sandy beach of some Caribbean island, your skin becoming a golden bronze under the blistering sun. The nauseatingly sweet aroma of fast-melting ice-cream is wafting all around you. Every small breeze brings to your nose the brackish smell of the ocean. While you lay there utterly relaxed, the unwelcome thought creeps in that this vacation is over tomorrow and you'll have to return to the daily grind and the responsibilities that make your next vacation seem fifty-two years away instead of the typical fifty-two weeks. The question: Why are you living your life for those fleeting vacations? The wonder and excitement of travel and adventure should be present in your daily living. The Mid- Life Crisis. The need to "find" oneself. People burn with the lingering question: Can this be all there is? These are symptoms of society's pressure to work, to strive, and to achieve and then kick back for a week in the summer, if you're lucky. Precious weeks are crammed and scheduled in order to catch a glimpse of the myriad wonders this world has to offer. Limiting your moments of true joy to sporadic vacations, of course, leaves you unfulfilled with your daily life. If the beauty of the forest speaks to you find some way to incorporate those majestic redwoods into your daily life. Your home base doesn't need to be nailed down. If you relish the life of a traveler and yearn for exploration home can be carried around in your suitcase. When you look back on your life your best memories shouldn't be limited to the dusty vacation scrapbooks you pull down from your bookcase. Throw off your vacation mentality and bring a sense of excitement and tranquility into your present life.

4 PAGE 4 VOICE OF THE VIKING FEBRUARY 2016 Students of the Week Way to Go!

5 FE B R U A R Y V O I C E O F T HE V I K I NG D RE SS IN G U P TH E S MS LIB RARY! Way t o go M rs. S te lt z & M rs. Fa rme r PAGE 5

6 PAGE 6 VOICE OF THE VIKING FEBRUARY 2016 Selah School District No. 119 Sharon Steffen Conrad BSN, RN Shanee Andreas, RN 104 W. Naches Suite H, Selah Washington Fax When to Keep Your Child Home from School It seems like there is always something going around when it comes to kids. Here are some guidelines to help you to know when to keep your child home from school: APPEARANCE/DISCOMFORT If your child appears unusually tired, irritable, pale or has an unusual lack of appetite, you may want to consider not sending him or her to school. VOMITING /DIARRHEA If your child has experienced vomiting and/or diarrhea during the night or in the morning before going to school, please do not send them to school. Your child should have had no diarrhea, vomiting or fever for 24 hours before sending them back to school. EYES We understand that eyes are sometimes swollen and irritated by allergens or virus. Because of the extremely contagious nature of Bacterial Pink Eye you are asked to consult with your doctor before sending your child to school with these symptoms: Thick mucus or pus draining from the eye, or if eye is red, puffy, itchy and/or painful. Your child can attend school 24 hours after starting medical treatment for bacterial Pink Eye. FEVER Temperature of 100 or higher is an indication that your child could be contagious. Giving a child Tylenol or Ibuprofen will bring the temperature down, and make them more comfortable, but will not prevent them from passing their illness on to classmates. Your child must have no fever for 24 hours before sending them back to school. RASH A body rash, especially with fever, itching, and open and/or draining sores indicates something contagious. HEAD LICE Children cannot return to school until their hair has been treated with lice shampoo and most of the dead eggs (nits) have been removed from the hair. The student needs to check in with the nurse before returning to class. SEVERE SORE THROAT/ COUGH If your child has a fever and/or swollen glands in the neck, he or she may be contagious and should not be in school. In addition, a frequent, severe cough can be a distraction to the class. OTHER ILLNESSES If your child has been diagnosed by your healthcare provider, with a contagious illness, please notify the school as soon as possible. (Examples: chicken pox, pink eye, flu, whooping cough, MRSA, etc ) UPDATE HEALTH CARE RECORDS AT SCHOOL Be sure to update health care records at school if your child has newly acquired allergies or has an illness that the school nurse should be aware of. Our goal is to keep all of our children as safe and healthy as possible. It is only with your help that we are able to accomplish this. If you have any questions, please call the District Nurses: Sharon Steffen Conrad, BSN, RN, Shanee Andreas RN Selah School District Nurses

7 FEBRUARY 2016 VOICE OF THE VIKING Selah School District No. 119 Sharon Steffen Conrad BSN, RN Shanee Andreas, RN 104 W. Naches Suite H, Selah Washington Fax PAGE 7 Cuándo Mantener a su Niño en su Casa Parece que siempre hay algo en este tiempo con los niños. Aquí están algunas pautas para ayudarle a saber cuando mantener a su niño en su casa. Apariencia/Molestia si su niño aparece excepcionalmente cansado, irritado, pálido o tiene falta de apetito, usted puede considerar no mandarlo a la escuela. Vomitar/Diarrea si su niño se vomita y/o tiene diarrea durante la noche o por la mañana, no lo mandan. Su niño no debe haber tenido ninguna diarrea por 24 horas antes de mandarlo de nuevo a la escuela. Los Ojos entendemos que los ojos son hinchados o irritados a veces por los alergenitos o algún virus. A causa la naturaleza extremadamente contagiosa del ojo rosado bacteriano, le pedimos consultar con su medico antes de mandar a su niño a la escuela con síntomas: Moco o pus grueso que escurre del ojo, o si el ojo, o si el ojo esta rojo, hinchado y/o doloroso. Su niño puede atender la escuela 24 horas después de comenzar tratamiento medico. Fiebre La temperatura de 100 o mas alto es una indicación que su niño podría ser contagioso. Darle a su niño Tylenol o Ibuprofen para bajar la temperatura, y los hace mas cómodos, por favor no lo manden que pase su enfermedad a los otros. Su niño no debe tener ninguna fiebre por 24 horas antes de mandarlo de nuevo a la escuela. Sarpullido del cuerpo especialmente con fiebre, hinchazón, granos abiertos y/o el drenaje de dolores indica algo contagioso. Piojos su niño no puede volver a la escuela hasta que su pelo se ha tratado con champú de los piojos y que no tenga liendres en el pelo. El estudiante necesita llegar con la enfermera antes de volver a la clase. Tos Dolorida Grave si su niño tiene fiebre y/o glándulas hinchadas en el cuello, su niño puede ser contagioso y no debe estar en la escuela. Además, una tos fuerte y grave puede ser una distracción para la clase. Otras Enfermedades si a su niño le han diagnosticado una enfermada contagiosa, por favor notifican a la enfermera de la escuela tan pronto posible. (Ejemplos: varicela, ojo rosado, gripe, tos ferina, MRSA etc.) Es importante que le avisen del Cuidado Medico en la escuela si su niño ha adquirido alergias o tiene nuevamente una enfermedad de cual la enfermera debe estar enterada. Nuestra meta es mantener a todos los niños seguros y sanos como sea posible. Es solamente con su ayuda que podemos lograr esto. S usted tiene cualesquiera pregunta, llame a la enfermera de la escuela Sharon Steffen Conrad, BSN, RN, Shanee Andreas RN Enfermeras Del Districto De Selah

8 PAGE 8 VOICE OF THE VIKING FEBRUARY 2016 CLUBS WE Act Club NEWS : Thank you to Selah Middle School Advisory classes for collecting 1157 cans of food for the WE Scare Hunger food drive. Great job helping the Selah community! WE Act members did a great job of running the campaign including posters, videos, notes in lockers, bags distributed for Halloween, and counting the food donations. Stay tuned for more on our local and global campaigns : Local Action focused on Homelessness, Cancer and Bullying. Global Action focused on Clean Water, Education and Child Labor READ the SELAH SENTINEL Written, edited, and designed by students in the Selah School District K-12 and guest writers from around the country. Journalism Club Advisor: Mr. Bryan Dibble 411 N. First Street, Selah, WA Or Have a copy ed to you! Or go to our site: Selah Middle School SMS s FCCLA chapter has a busy February planned. The month will start off with a Valentine Funshop that members will host. This will be part of our FCCLA week activities which will include a scavenger hunt, a dress up day, locker decorations and a prize for being in FCCLA. Along with that, several members will be attending and participating in the Region 7 STAR events competition in Kittitas. We ll round out the month evaluating our Funshop and planning what activities to do in the spring. 6th Grade Assembly


10 PAGE 10 VOICE OF THE VIKING FEBRUARY 2016 The Selah Middle School PTSO needs Volunteers like you to help make our school the best it can be! Please let us know if you are able to volunteer in the following areas: Concession sales for 7 th and 8 th grade games at both the Intermediate and Middle schools. Hours will vary but can be anywhere from a 3:30 pm set-up to a 6:30 pm close. Box Top Coordinator in charge of collecting and submitting Box Tops Volunteer Coordinator in charge of passing along messages, background clearance confirmation, and gathering volunteers for events. Teacher Appreciation Coordinator in charge of providing treats, etc. for our wonderful and hard-working staff at the Middle School. School Celebration Events to pass out treats to our hard-working students! In class support various subjects Supervision of Socials/Lunch Time/Other events that occur throughout the year We are a Non-Profit Organization, donations are always welcome and tax deductible Bring your special talents and show our students that you care For Questions, please call: Janet Owens , Dieuwke Schott , Karina Washabaugh , Julia Brown , or Lisa Fresco